About ARCA

About Arizona Roofing Contractors Association

Established in 1969, ARCA is a dynamic and well-respected subcontractor trade association. We have grown to become one of the largest trade associations in Arizona, with over 250 members throughout the state.


ARCA is a dynamic and well-respected trade association primarily comprised of commercial and residential roofing contractors and roofing related manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. Established in 1969, ARCA has grown to become one of the largest trade associations in Arizona, with hundreds of members throughout the state.

The objectives of this association are:

To unite those engaged in the Arizona roofing industry in exerting a beneficial influence upon the industry.

To build consumer confidence and safeguard the public welfare by promoting honesty, equality, integrity, and edification (as proclaimed in our “Code of Ethics”).

To obtain pertinent information relative to the industry and make it available for each member’s beneficial use.

To make, enter into, carry out, and enforce any contract, agreement, or transaction which the Board of Directors believes to be in the best interest and for the benefit of its members, and to engage in other causes and activities that will promote and safeguard the interests of the roofing industry in the state of Arizona.

To foster constructive and progressive legislation, especially as it may affect the roofing contractor, suppliers, related trades and other services involved in the roofing industry in the state of Arizona.

To promote confidence, respect and good fellowship among all who are directly or indirectly engaged in the Arizona roofing industry.

To attract, recruit, train and educate people into the roofing industry to develop future industry leaders. 

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